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Frequently Asked Questions

No. By law, if you don’t possess an A1 license, you are only allowed to drive a 50cc motorcycle/scooter, granted you have the license for more than 7 years and you are over 27 years old.

Sadly, there are companies out there that do rent motorbikes and scooters, without requesting a license. This is illegal and we advise you not to rent anyway, as, in the unfortunate case of an accident, you won’t be covered by any health insurance. Plus, most probably, you will be fined and even prosecuted by the police.

Oftentimes we do provide our customers with a discount. However there’s no chance that we do that without an invoice, or with the intention of not providing them with one! Where we to do this, it would make us illegal and it would show lack of professionalism and a disrespect to the lives of our dear customers. In such a case, there would be no rental contract to protect both parties in the unfortunate event of an accident, as there would be no coverage whatsoever by the health insurance companies.

Besides, Greece already has perhaps the lowest prices on car and scooter rental in the whole European Union!

We wouldn’t advise you so. The island of Serifos has lots of uphill & downhill driving, which makes it extremely difficult -if not impossible- for a 50cc scooter to carry 2 individuals. We suggest that you rent one each or a bigger one for both.

As regards the delivery, yes it is possible, however it is necessary for the customer to make such a request beforehand. As for the return of the scooter, it can only be done at our premises, so that we can verify that the scooter is returned in good condition and we can guarantee the safe delivery to our next customers!

Unless other individuals’ health is involved, if you have included the full insurance coverage (it comes at an extra charge) with your contract, then no further costs apply. If not, you will be requested to pay the damage costs directly to us. In the case of an accident caused by someone else and they take full responsibility, then a written “friendly statement” by their side needs to be made, and again, no further actions from your side will be asked to be taken. Please keep in mind that, depending on the type of accident, police might require extra actions on your side.


Other customers probably are waiting for their scooter! That being said, the return is strictly until 10:00 am. If that time frame is exceeded, a penalty of 10 € / hour will be applied. Of course, in the case of a desired reservation extension, please reach out to us beforehand, so that we can inform you whether that’s possible or not.

A reservation is effective as of 11:00 am, regardless the time that you agreed to receive your scooter. Therefore, as per our contract terms, the return must be made on time (at 10:00 am) so that our next customer can receive it mechanically tested, clean and sterilized on time.

The minimum cost for a helmet replacement is 30 € and that will be the charge for you.

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